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This site welcomes all bikers across the United State.

We can offer:
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NCOM's Christian Unity is broken down by States to provide resources for motorcyclist's and biker's needs, closest to where it is needed.

You can go to each State / Region by either clicking on the Map or by using the drop down menu from the Home button.
Each State / Region will be able to assist you in:

PRAYER Request
BIKE TRANSPORT (Where Available)
MEETINGS (Regional locations & Times)
EVENTS (Regional)

All request can be marked PRIVATE for the (MRT Coordinator & Chaplains ONLY)
If marked PUBLIC it will only go to the Christian Unity Bikers in your Region.

We are Here to Serve

National NCOM Christian Unity Map

We are in the process of providing more States in the near future
Please enjoy the website and standby for new updates.

Some States are so large they are broken down further into Regions.
Click on the State Name to go to the State and then to the Region you desire.

Each local Christian Unity organization is under the guidance of the local Confederation of Clubs & Independents (COC&I) or
Confederation of Clubs (COC) which may be distinctive and unique for each Confederation.

If you get a
"Access Denied" ALERT we are still working on that Page to bring you the most current information for that State.

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